Wind Turbine Service

We possess the necessary certifications for the operation and maintenance of lifting equipment, issued by the Office of Technical Inspection (UDT). We are also trained in the service and maintenance of GOIAN Mast Climbing Work Platforms. Our services include comprehensive handling of lifting equipment installed in wind turbines, including:

  • Preparation of technical-operational documentation necessary for the acceptance inspection of devices by UDT
  • Periodic inspections of lifting equipment, including maintaining a Maintenance Book for selected devices subject to UDT
  • Periodic inspections of devices with UDT inspectors
  • Repairs of lifting equipment
  • Measurement and control work (qualifications in E and D categories)
  1. Periodic Inspections and Fault Diagnostics of Wind Turbines

We conduct periodic inspections of wind turbines in accordance with the manufacturer’s documentation (semi-annual, annual). Our qualified personnel have many years of experience working with various types of wind turbines, such as Gamesa, Vestas, GE, Siemens. We perform service work using professional tools with up-to-date calibration. We diagnose and repair faults related to electrical, mechanical, and hydraulic systems.

  1. Periodic Inspections of Medium Voltage Electrical Equipment Installed in Wind Farms

We perform inspections and measurements of MV switchgears, transformers, protection system tests (EAZ), low-voltage installation measurements, step voltage measurements, and grounding measurements of wind farms. We conduct complete post-installation and acceptance testing of electrical equipment.

Generator Alignment

The generator and gearbox are key components of a wind turbine, connected by a coupling that transmits torque from the high-speed gearbox shaft to the generator. For both devices to operate reliably, the connection between them must be perfectly coaxial. We offer the service of laser measuring the distance and angular misalignment of the generator axis relative to the gearbox and making the necessary adjustments. This reduces the forces acting on the bearings and coupling, thereby extending the lifespan of these components and minimizing the risk of damage.

Gearbox Endoscopy

Gearbox endoscopy is a non-invasive examination of the internal components of the gearbox, allowing for the assessment of their condition and the planning of preventive maintenance. These examinations help avoid lengthy turbine downtimes caused by issues such as seized bearings.

Blade Inspections

We offer professional technical condition assessments of wind turbine blades, conducted by technicians with many years of experience. Inspections are performed using a camera with a telescope, rope access, and a drone equipped with a UHD 4K camera. Drone inspections are non-invasive, quick (approximately 2-3 hours), and more accurate than traditional methods.

Due Diligence Inspections

We conduct inspections of wind turbines and wind farms to determine the current technical condition of the equipment. The scope of the inspection is individually agreed upon with the client. A standard inspection includes:

  • Checking medium voltage switchgear (functionality and tightness of SF6 compartments)
  • Visual inspection of turbine components for damage and rust spots
  • Testing resistance and continuity of groundings
  • Gearbox endoscopy
  • Checking the alignment of the generator and gearbox
  • Thermographic inspection of control cabinets and converters
  • Checking the condition of hydraulic systems, oil sampling, and laboratory analysis

These examinations are crucial when purchasing a used wind farm or after the manufacturer’s warranty period has expired. We encourage you to use our services to accurately assess the technical condition of the turbines and plan necessary preventive actions.