Photovoltaic Farms

Design and Construction

  • Photovoltaic farm design: We create detailed designs for photovoltaic farms, taking into account the specifics of the location and the client’s requirements.
  • Construction and installation: We carry out the construction of farms from scratch, including the installation of photovoltaic panels, inverters, and necessary auxiliary equipment.

Monitoring and Diagnostics

Online monitoring: We provide continuous real-time monitoring of photovoltaic farm operations, allowing for quick detection and resolution of issues.

System diagnostics: We conduct regular diagnostics of photovoltaic systems, identifying potential faults and minimizing the risk of failures.

Maintenance and Service

  • Periodic inspections: We perform regular technical inspections, including panel cleaning, electrical connection checks, and inverter condition assessments.
  • Repairs and service: We offer fast and effective repair services, both under warranty and beyond. Our service team is ready to intervene in case of failures.
  • Training and technical support: We provide training for personnel operating photovoltaic farms and technical support for the operation and maintenance of systems.
  • Energy consulting: We advise on energy consumption optimization and the integration of photovoltaic farms with other energy sources.

Performance Optimization

  • Performance analysis: We regularly analyze data from photovoltaic systems, identifying opportunities for performance improvement.
  • Technological updates: We implement the latest technological solutions to enhance the efficiency of photovoltaic farms.